Zhu Renmin  

Director of Joint Research Center for Ecological Restoration, Zhejiang University


Born in the coastal province of Zhejiang, Prof. Zhu Renmin has won China’s highest awards for artistic achievement. As a pioneer and early practitioner in the eco-landscape design field, in 1996 he became dean and research director of the Landscape and Architecture Design Institute at the China Academy of Art. He is currently director of the Research Center for Ecological Restoration at Zhejiang University. In the 1980s Zhu started to build the discipline of Human Ecological Restoration, pioneering the aesthetic concepts of “saving the environment through art” and the theory of “spiritual, natural, and cultural ecologies.”

For over three decades, Zhu has toiled to rehabilitate the most forsaken of landscapes destroyed by man: barren beaches, deserted islands, denuded cliffs, polluted canals, even the Yellow River. Zhu has written numerous articles and papers on ecological restoration; completed nearly RMB 100 billion worth of restoration projects; and produced rare improvements in the environment, GDP, employment, and culture. Zhu has invested over RMB 50 million into charitable funds and founded a number of services for spiritual ecology and free education.

Zhu's theory and work have thrilled audiences at the United Nations Headquarters, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the University of California Berkeley, the Polytechnic University of Milan, Peking University, Zhejiang University, and the China Central Academy of Fine Arts. His work has been showcased by universities and local governments in China and Italy, as well as the Shanghai World Expo, to promote his message of “saving the environment through art.” He owns neither a house nor a car, choosing instead to devote his life to human ecological restoration. 

Zion  Shen

Founder and CEO of Ufrate Inc.


Dr. Zion  Shen is a Silicon Valley based tech investor and serial entrepreneur. As founder and CEO of Ufrate Inc. which had incubated over 100 high tech companies so far, Dr. Shen has deep experience in helping startups with strategy, operation, financing and CEO coaching. Previously, Dr. Shen was a senior engineer at Cadence Design Systems. He got his PHD in Computer Science in Iowa State University, and bachelor degree from Tsinghua University majoring in electrical engineering.

Yunan Chang

Art business executive since 2013, experienced in the high end Chinese painting market. Ms. Chang holds a master in Chinese literature, she had studied Chinese painting at Shanghai University for her undergraduate. As a cofounder of Arteco, she is dedicated to combine art and ecology with business.