Core Projects

Global Innovation City

As the core project of Arteco, Global Innovation City (GIC) will become the world’s innovation and technology center as a modern city with state-of- the-art technologies. Investors and consumers can come together and see the world’s most innovative tech in a centralized location. We are confident that GIC can transform the high-tech competitive environment, build a network for leading entrepreneurs, and connect people from around the world through technology. As the founder of Arteco, Mr. Zhu Renmin set “Art of Ecology” as the main idea for Arteco and the base of this development. GIC is planned to be built in Fremont, while the adjacent wetlands will be developed in the future.

The goal of GIC is to combine technology and art, which is matched with a goal to restore wasteland ecosystems and spurring economic growth. “Art of Ecology” and “Spiritual Ecology, Natural Ecology, Cultural Ecology” are core ideas of Mr. Zhu. He spent more than thirty years building the “Human Ecological Restoration”. By restoring destroyed lands, Mr. Zhu has established a great reputation in the United Nations and several world class academic institutions.

Mr. Zhu designed and repaired 13,000 acres of desertification land in western China into the only national desert wetland park in the western region of the Yellow River. He also managed to minimize expenses to restore 13,000 acres of saline-alkali soil. In addition, Mr. Zhu has completed a number of other environmental restoration projects: Mount Putuo Cliff, Putuo Lotus Island, Shengli Canal Landmark Design, and Zhejiang Floating Resort Design and Restoration.