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CCTV4 “Popular Infinite”   

Feature Film “Land Art of Zhu Renmin” 2011

CCTV4 “Travel Around China”    

Feature Film “Ink Painting Southern Yangtze -- Zhu Renmin” 2008

CCTV2 “Wealth”     

Feature Film “Fall in love with the Lotus Island” 2006


CCTV2 “Wealth”

Feature Film “Fortune Talks” 2006


CCTV4 “Travel Around China” 

Feature Film “Ancient stone bridge protection of Zhu Renmin in Jiangnan Water Town”


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Feature Film "Michelangelo of China" 2005


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News "Yinchuan News" 2006


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Feature film "Michelangelo, China".2007


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Feature film "celebrity masters - Zhu Renmin".2008


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Feature film "Sea soul" 1987


Jiangsu TV "Home, Spring and Autumn"        

Interview film "A man 's island".2009


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Documentary "Lotus Island".2006


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News "Zhu Renmin and his fishermen 's painting group".2006


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